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October 29, 2019, Pontevedra |

Adif awards Signalling and Maintenance contract in Galicia


Adif has awarded Enyse with the contract for the design, delivery, installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance of the Safety installations of the Guillarei-Tui line in Galicia, near the Portuguese border. The contract is worth approximately 12 million eur for an execution period of 2 years plus 4 years of maintenance.

The Signalling solution includes the modification of the existing electronic interlockings in the stations of Guillarei, Redondela and Tui, near the Portuguese border, in order to adapt them to the new blocks with their collateral stations. Also, the current electric interlockings at the stations of Salvaterra, As Gándaras, O Porriño and Louredo-Valos will be replaced by Enyse’s SIL-4 EiS23 electronic interlocking.

The current telephone block between Tui and Valença do Minho in Portugal will be replaced by a centralized block system using Axle Counters. Similarly, the decentralized blocks between Guillarei and Tui and between Salvaterra and Louredo will be replaced by an Axle Counter-based centralized block system.

The local maintenance panels will be integrated in the existing centralized Maintenance Aid System, which allows the remote monitorization of the events and alarms issued by all interlockings. All minor civil works needed for the works above are included, as well as the usual track field elements considered in this kind of conventional Signalling systems.